Teak Facts

Teak Facts – An Insight Into What Makes It a Perfect Woodwork Choice for Marine Vessel!

Here at Teak Marine, our goal is to exceed your expectations. We take pride in offering the most innovative solutions by continuously developing our products as per modern standards. Our ever-evolving approach to teak decking is what gives us a competitive edge in marine carpeting. From small boat owners to custom yachts and cruise ships, we cater to it all! Our reliable services and diverse clientele speaks volumes about the kind of performance we deliver every single time, without failing!

Some Unusual Teak Facts You Didn’t Know About!

  • Teak belongs to the mint family.
  • The all-time famous “Titanic” had teak decking and flooring installed. The teak wood used in the shipbuilding is still as perfect as it was in 1912.
  • A Teak tree can be up to 150 feet tall.
  • Teak wood does not rot even if it is saturated with moisture.
  • It floats on water due to its density.
  • A Teak tree can propagate via cuttings, grafting and seeds. 


We’re Your Solution To Bespoke Teak Decking and Flooring!

We firmly believe that not all teak decks and floors are created equally. Our highly professional and experienced staff at Teak Marine opts for the most beautiful old-growth teak for our services. We source our teak from the oldest teak forests that are sustainably managed in environmentally sound forestry; dating back to 1856. Grown in upland deciduous forests, the teaks we work with are grown under ideal soil conditions and rainfall characteristics. Whenever we harvest a mature teak tree for our use, we replace it with a sapling that is grown initially in nurseries!