Teak Decking

Having worked in the marine industry for well over a decade, we, at Teak Marine, are one of the leading custom yacht decking service providers for luxury yachts across the globe. Being one of the most reliable names in teak deck manufacturers, we offer marine teak decking services that are crafted to perfection and tailored as per your specifications. We cater to our clients from across the globe and excel at custom-designing marine decking to the highest standards. One of the main reasons why our teak decking services are better than the rest revolves around our cost-effective solutions, matters not the size and scope of your project.

To cater to your teak decking needs, our team of expert craftsmen start by preparing a template of the areas you want fabricated. Once the deck has been manufactured at our designing facility, it will then be shipped to your location for installation. Since the majority of the work required is carried out at our facility, we get done with the installation phase in a considerably lesser amount of time. Even though we use 100% premium yacht quality teak and the best material for manufacturing and installing marine decking, our services are still one of the most affordable when compared to other providers!

Teak Cabin Sole

It matters not if you need custom flooring for your yacht that is ready to install, or if you want things to work with a more tailored approach, we, at Teak Marine, excel at offering the most exceptional teak flooring services for yachts that you can count on. Ever since we started, we have worked closely with our distributors to make sure that we are equipped with premium quality teak and the best products to successfully cater to your teak flooring and cabin sole installation needs. From designing templates for the areas you need fabricated to installing custom flooring tailored to your needs, we work as per your schedule and are incredibly responsive to your set of needs!

What makes our teak flooring services better than the rest comes down to the fact that we fabricate yacht floors without a substrate. This makes sure that our clients are benefitted with the best. Not only do they weigh less, but they are also incredibly easier to install and eliminate the risks of potential delamination. Made from 100% premium teak wood, our teak flooring services ensure resistance and durability in terms of damage. We only use premium Burma Teak for our marine decking and flooring solutions so that you are sufficed with the best, every single time!

Swim Steps

Teak Marine takes pride in being the one-stop-shop for all your marine carpeting needs. Our diverse range of boating products also includes our high-quality swim steps. Our top of the line swim steps provides the perfect accentuation for your luxury boat. We offer our valued customers premium aluminium deck steps and ladders, with the most innovative designs. What helps us stand out from our competition are our sloped swim steps, allowing people to step in and out of the water with utmost comfort. Our durable swim step models can comfortably accommodate large wrights, with their fully welded bodies, unlike most other marine ladders!

Teak Marine swim steps are specially designed to provide the best possible mounting angle for better and safer foot placement. No more treading in the water with a hard climb out, you can just sit on our secure dock ladders as you take in the sea that surrounds you!  Designed with your preferences in mind, our unique swim steps are functional, safe and stunning so your yacht can look aesthetically pleasing from all aspects!

Teak Deck Installation

Not only do we provide you with our luxury products, but we also go the extra mile with our remarkable customer service. Our skilled professionals help you pick out the right material and designs for carpeting your boats, and within a few days, your custom products are ready to be installed! But, that’s not where we leave our valued customers. Here, at Teak Marine, we believe in serving you till the very end. Our flooring comes fitted with angled interlocking hardware systems for easy installation, making sure that putting together your dream boat becomes as easy as ever.

Fret not if you don’t have the time, desire or ambition to get things done on your own as Teak Marine’s expert installation team knows what it takes to suffice you with the services you can rely on. Our capable installers work to guide all our customers through every step of the process. From the manufacture, layout and design to the final installation of your custom decks, we have everything covered! Our professionals at Teak Marine promise to completely transform the appearance and experience of our customers’ marine vessels. All you have to do is sit back and watch the magic unravel before your eyes!

Teak Wood

Because of its resistant and durable nature, teak is a trusted material when it comes to marine decking manufacture. At Teak Marine, we deal with the finest quality teak wood to warrant the perfect luxurious boating experience. As custom boat builders, we choose to work with teak since it’s easy and affordable to work with. Our manufacturing techniques guarantee all our customers exceptional quality, with the deluxe teak that is customised to serve every client’s tastes. Our teak wood products are 100% composite and exclude the risks of rot and delamination, unlike polyester-covered wood decks, making sure that everything we produce here at Teak Wood is environment friendly, along with being purposeful!

With our teak wood products, not only do our customers choose sleek visuals for their vessels, but they also choose incomparable protection. Teak Marine’s high-grade teak wood prevents water penetration, shielding your boat from damage and unattractive watermarks. Our teak flooring strengthens the structure of the lower part of the deck and provides excellent insulation in hot and cold environments, allowing you to put your worries away as you sail the great sea. The premium teakwood we use here at Teak Marine is cut and sawn in compliance with applicable regulations, guaranteeing maximum safety for everyone on board!