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Who Are We?

Having decades’ worth of experience catering to our clients’ unique marine decking and flooring needs, we, at Teak Marine, are one of the leading manufacturers and installers of teak decks and floors for luxury yachts across the globe. Known for our skills and competence to handcraft bespoke decks and flooring for our customers, we know what it takes to be an all-inclusive solution provider. With a team of professionals that we have aboard, it all comes down to our skills, competence, expertise and dedicated services that allow us to deliver a truly bespoke solution!

Ever since we started, we have worked alongside luxury yacht owners and marine builders, enhancing their investments and helping them in achieving a finish that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable to the very core. Here, at Teak Marine, we have a team of highly-trained marine craftsmen who are exceptionally well-versed when it comes to manufacturing and installing bespoke teak decks and floors on luxury yachts across the globe. That is not all; we also excel in offering tailored solutions to our clients who require custom furniture, cabinetry and swim steps. What helps us stand out is the fact that we are continually strived towards keeping our ideas fresh and our working procedures market-relevant so you can rest assured that you are being taken care of by the best in the business!


Our Core Values

Ever since we started, we have always strived towards sufficing our customers with bespoke services that they can count on. Making sure that our services are customer-centred and ensure utter customer satisfaction, we take immense pride in our company’s core values that we follow religiously. These are as follows:


At Teak Marine, we strive continually towards exceeding your expectations when it comes to teak decking and flooring. Making sure you get what you truly deserve, we cater to your needs by proposing and delivering unique designs, supreme quality and flawless installations — all with a commitment to offering excellent service.


We have always centred our services on traits like performance and quality. This is what has allowed us to suffice our customers with the best there is in the business. From bespoke services to the quality that is unmatched, we make sure that our customers’ needs are catered meticulously.


Integrity is at the heart of what we do here at Teak Marine. With a commitment to quality and satisfaction of our customers, we honour our ethical values and work towards creating a model of success and permanence - earning your trust and helping you rest assured that you’re being catered by professionals.

Natural Teak for Bespoke Results!

Teak wood has always been very renowned for its natural colour and appearance, making it an absolute favourite choice of wood for marine decking and flooring. What also makes it an excellent choice of wood for marine decking is the slightly oily feel it has to it. Although teak contains natural oils, it still glues and finishes well when it comes to decking and flooring. Here, at Teak Marine, we use only the most beautiful Burmese teak to craft eloquent marine decking and flooring solutions that our customers can count on. Whether your yacht requires an exterior remodelling or a modern refit, we are the name you can trust for all your ‘Teak Marine’ needs!

Our Services

Here, at Teak Marine, we excel at offering extremely personalised services that are tailored to our clients’ specification. With exceptional attention to details, we handcraft every single piece to perfection, matters not the scope or size of your needs. Our team of skilled marine craftsmen are experienced in delivering quality, making sure that your expectations are well exceeded when we’re done with our work. Following are the services we excel at:

Teak Decking

Teak Flooring and Cabin Sole

Teak Swim Steps

Clients Say.

Our clients have trusted us for their flooring and decking needs for well over a decade. Have a look at what they have to say!

“I was searching for a reliable service provider to have my yachts' decking and flooring replaced with teak wood. I was suggested Teak Marine by a friend of mine who has been associated with them for a very long time. These guys are truly professional with their services and had everything well taken care of. I am really impressed by the quality of the services they delivered. Would highly recommend!”
John J.
“Really professional, extremely well-priced and right on time. My experience with Teak Marine has been brilliant, and I would revert to them for sure in the future!”
Smith T.
“My yacht had synthetic teak decking and flooring, which is easily stained, and I wanted to have it replaced with pure teak for all the obvious reasons. I get in touch with the guys at Teak Marine to have my needs taken care of. To my surprise, they exceeded my expectations with the quality of the services they delivered. Kudos to their team for the exceptional services!”
Michelle P.